Conscious ReCommerce? Because Waste is so Out of Fashion!

The latest and hottest fashion trend is conscious recommerce. Because waste is so last season!

The dire facts

In the recent reports that are doing the rounds, we’ve all heard the fact that India loses nearly $10 billion due to climate change. Believe it or not; you, me and the 1.2 billion people who constitute the population of our country are responsible for this catastrophic loss, economically and environmentally.

Each drop counts to build an ocean, and our choices have led to this. Our country has enough socio-economic woes as it is, we don’t need to add to them –especially when we have a choice. Imagine if we can curb some of this climatic damage and use the funds to build a better country – now that is a vision worth sharing and materializing.

Making a conscious choice

They say charity begins at home, but we say even change begins at home. A small step towards this change can start through your wardrobe. Upcycling, recycling are no longer terms that are used only by environmentalists. These are terms that are being used by each and every industry – fashion included.

Some of the biggest names across the globes are experimenting with fabrics and clothes made from recyclable materials – paper, wool, wood and even metal are some of the hot favourites.

The big brand story

Big brands are shelling out big bucks to go environmentally friendly and are advertising the fact that they are eco-conscious. Why you’d ask? Because it’s a choice that customers and brand purveyors the world over are making. A report says, that 60% of customers are interested in the green choices that a brand makes. It goes onto show that a green initiative is no longer a government imposed responsibility for companies, but a necessity to stay relevant to their audiences.

One of your most preferred lifestyle brands – GAP has plans in the pipeline regarding the green choices they make. The apparel brand, which is adored by customers the world over for their comfortable and stylish clothes has officially announced that they are taking the initiative to reduce their green gas ambitions 50% by 2020, among other global sustainability initiatives.

Re:LUXE Lane contributes

We at Re:LUXE Lane, take our environment and the repercussions of our choices rather seriously. Therefore it has always been our endeavor to encourage our patrons to recycle their wardrobes.

Vintage Lane offers customers to be green conscious in both ways – selling their wardrobe and even buying pre-owned clothing. This way they can contribute to recycling clothes from both ends of the spectrum.

Some of the largest brands – Abercrombie & Fitch, Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, H&M, Ralph Lauren, Aeropostale, Hollister, American Eagle, GAP, among others are only a few of the most cherished brands that we offer through our unique online marketplace for pre-owned clothes.

What’s more, our patrons can even decide to sell us, their branded clothing, which are in great condition. We have an easy-to-follow the procedure that let’s you earn money.

The latest and hottest piece of fashion advice that is of the shelves is that recycle as much as you can, because waste is so last season.

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