Unveiling Your Conscious ReCommerce Marketplace

Times are tough now! But often in tough times, creativity sprout and entrepreneurs step up to create opportunities for development and growth. The time now calls for a reboot, it calls for us to re-imagine how things are done. It probes us to step away from our comfort zones and the way we were. It calls for disruptive new ways of creating shared value.

The Re:LUXE Lane Story Unfolds

When Re:LUXE Lane founder, Magna Rautenbach retired from a 15 year entrepreneurial sustainability consulting career and moved with hubby, Marcel to the heart of the picturesque Magaliesberg Biosphere, she discovered a new sense of ‘luxury’. Inspired by the lush bushveld and roaming game, Magna decided to help entrepreneurs on a new, conscious capitalism path to create new ways of doing business.

Now, in a time of layoffs, skyrocketing unemployment and a growing need for entrepreneurs to explore new ways of taking their talents online, Magna came up with a plan. A plan which gave birth to a ‘sentimental shopping’ marketplace – Re:LUXE Lane. A marketplace for shopping someone else’s story and reimagining the way we shop through reselling preloved fashion apparel and goods.

Says Magna: At Re:LUXE Lane, we are passionate about encouraging consumers to give their pre-loved pieces a second life and inspiring sustainable consumption. A greater collaborative effort is needed in the coming years to accelerate the industry’s transition into a circular economy. The time is ripe to rethink commerce and generate new business models. Re:LUXE Lane is a collective move, a commons gearing up to apply creative and innovative forces and bring about a transformation toward greater sustainability.

The Re:LUXE Lane Marketplace provides a fun, accessible and informative one-stop-shop for those super stylish, conscientious shoppers who want to buy better – secure in the knowledge that the clothes, accessories and other pieces they are purchasing are good for them, their family, and the community at large.

Our platform is seeking out brands, artisans, designers and entrepreneurs who courageously push the envelope in terms of how fashion is designed, sourced, constructed and sold.

Right here on Re:LUXE Lane, entrepreneurial designers are taking used clothes, cutting them up, splicing them together, and constructing new pieces with cutting-edge shapes and designs that have a unique aesthetic. You are invited!”

Main Attractions of the Commons

Growing a Fun & Exciting Entrepreneurs Mecca

Re:LUXE Lane offers entrepreneurs a free platform to set up their niche boutique to flip those once-loved designer pieces, quality vintage finds and accessories stuck in the back of their closet.

Creating A Conscious Recommerce Collective

At Re:LUXE Lane we believe that fashionable clothing should be accessible to everyone and shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why we created a platform to take used fashion apparel and other goods to resell them online at a reasonable price point.

is a growing trend, and as a result the global resale economy is expanding at a rapid pace. The preloved fashion market is fueled by changing attitudes towards the concept of ownership and shaking of the negative connotations of second-hand fashion.

Redefining Luxury

Luxury isn’t about lavishly spending money anymore. It’s morphing to be about rarity, something that is unique, special, hard to find and precious.

Boosting the Circular Economy

Buying preloved is the most environmentally friendly way to buy clothes. A forward-thinking, sustainable way of shopping that saves you money, promotes circular fashion, and reduces the amount of waste that ends up filling our landfills and oceans. Because waste is so out of fashion!

Start Decluttering Your Closet & Save Money – Because Waste Is So Out Of Fashion!


Open Your Boutique!

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