How to Care for your Designer Pieces

From probably painful experience from your teen years you know that the wrong washing can ruin a garment. In order to protect your beautiful designer pieces from the same miserable fate your favorite sweater had to endure, we collected the five best tips for you. From the right storing and washing to first aid for your designer clothes.


No matter how much you care for your beloved designer pieces, you better be prepared for the worst case moment. Maybe you parade your new loved dress on a cocktail party and someone spills their drink all over it or your new cute puppy loves to drool all over your designer bag. If this happens, don’t panic! Second, don’t try to dry it over a heater or in the sunlight! A heater will cause deformation of the handbag’s leather or will even cause cracks in the structure of the leather. The best way to dry the handbag is to stuff it out with a lot of paper and leave it at fresh air but not in direct sunlight.

If the bag is not just wet but there is a real spot, do not use nail polish remover. Much better are leather rubbers or special cleaning sponges. Another tip is to firstly test your cleaning device on an inconspicuous place. And to remove fresh food stains immediately you can try lime or stain pens to get rid of it.


The first help when washing and cleaning your designer pieces is always the care label. You have to read it carefully. Normally it has special instructions with information about the best washing settings, detergents or washing the clothes inside out to protect them. Of course, separation of colors is a must. When ironing the best way to avoid iron marks is to use steam ironing. That is especially important for fabrics like silk jersey.


If you have to wash silk, use soap that is formulated for silk products and soak the silk in lukewarm water for a couple of minutes. While it’s soaking, gently move it around. After the short soaking, rinse the silk items with water and a teaspoon of vinegar. In the end you should wrap the silk in a dry towel.


When you wash linen it is important to rinse the item completely to remove the soap. This will avoid age spots which are caused by oxidation of cellulose, which is the primary component of linen.


You may often ask yourself if you should hang or better lay your clothing. Here is a little guide for you:


Knitwear, stretch-fabrics and sensitive materials like silk and cashmere are best stored laying, so they won’t become loose. To avoid creases put some silk paper between the layers. Light and small pieces of clothing should always be laid on top. Underwear and socks can be stored rolled, to save space.


Trousers, blouses and other fine fabrics stay crease free if you hang them right after you ironed or wore them. Make sure to hang clothing with enough space between the pieces. To avoid the clothing from slipping down always button or zip your clothing, blouses and skirts.


Some of your clothes may be very sensitive. They have embroidery and tassels all over the fabric. To cover them and protect the fabric it’s best to use butter paper while storing it.


Is extremely photosensitive. So you better store it in a closed closet and silk shawls in a little carton.


The first option is to store fur at the end of season in a fur boutique which usually has the exact temperature and humidity. If that is not an option for you, you should protect the fur with a cotton sheathe and never in a plastic bag.


Best case to store your cashmere jumper is in a dark and chill place. Always lay fine jumpers at the top, so the tiny hairs won’t get pressed too much. Use a de-pilling comb to get rid of pills.


can easily break. So you better store them in a box preferably with a lavender bag.


To avoid that your expensive leather shoes get out of shape, you can use velvet shoe stretchers. Shoes are best stored in their dust bag. Patent leather doesn’t like the cold, so on cold days protect it with special shoe cream from getting fissures.


To protect your other clothing, store your sequin tops in clothing bags. The best is to wash sequins by hand in a laundry bag.


You love your Hermès bag and so do the little beasts called moths! If you don’t want to wake up and realize they had your precious treasures for a midnight snack, you better take action.
Moths are often drawn to the scent of perfume. A good way to keep them away is to ensure that your fragrance does not get into your clothing, when your store it in your wardrobe. Another moth magnet are food or beverage stains. So keep you clothing as clean as possible. Also an effective way to avoid moths, is adding mothballs, cedar blocks or sachets with lavender or rosemary in the area where you keep your garments.

Jacky Eitzert

Source: REBELLE Journal

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