It’s Lara and Dean’s third wedding anniversary and they are happily decorating the baby room in anticipation of their little pink foot’s arrival.

Problem is, they don’t know what to do with all their wedding stuff still stacked into the spare room closet. They have been holding on to the fond memories – how they devoured the cake, posed for pictures, shed a few happy tears, and sealed it with a kiss . . .

It’s time to declutter – that’s for sure! Lara recently heard the buzz about the new marketplace Re:LUXE Lane where you can open your own boutique to list your once-loved pieces and pass that special sentiment on to someone else who would love it again?

Re:LUXE Lane’s dedicated bridal precinct, Weddings Emporium, creates the space for bridal couples to pass the joy to likeminded brides and grooms out there.

Magna Rautenbach | Founder – Re:LUXE Lane

Check back shortly to see the story unfold . . .


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