Benefits of Opening Your Boutique


Benefit one

Global Reach

As one of our entrepreneurial associates, our Boutique vendors craft their own store on the Re!LUXE LANE Marketplace.

The unique niche marketplace makes it possible for fashion lovers to be part of the drive to re-imagine the way we define luxury.

What a refreshingly win-win option to reach a global market with your re-loved pieces!


Benefit two

Feature Rich Dashboard

Our user-friendly dashboard offers you, as boutique vendor, a snapshot of your most important tasks.

Our easy to use dashboard guides you through managing your products, tracking orders, withdrawing funds and plenty more.

All that from one place!


Benefit three

Admin Notification to Boutique Owners

We use the vendor back office to share important information with your studio owners.

Our Vendor Knowledge Base provides entrepreneurial know how to guide our vendors in setting up and maximising their store.

The Marketplace allows the Re!LUXE LANE Team to communicate with all boutique owners via a universal message board.

The Team can also shoot off quick announcement to notify changes & updates of the marketplace.


Benefit four

Commission Disbursal Management

The Re!LUXE LANE team can automatically disburse commission to store owners hourly, daily, monthly and fortnightly.

Or, the store owners can manually request commission disbursal. Plus, both the team and our store owners can track all their previous transactions.


Benefit five

Vendor Review Management

Buyers at your marketplace can rate and review a vendor.

Our team controls the review system and can optionally enable only those buyers to rate who have purchased from respective vendors.


Benefit six

Vendor Capability Management

From uploading product data, accessing export data to sending a message to the buyer or making changes in policy settings – our boutique owners have the capability to customize their stores and streamline it for a hassle free operation.


Benefit seven

Multiple Payment Channels

Our buyers purchase our products via the secure South African payment gateway, PayFast.

The Re!LUXE LANE Team can disburse studio owner commission through the PayPal payment gateway or through Direct Bank Transfer.


Benefit eight

Coupon Management

Our team can set global coupons or allow store owners to issue a coupon for all products in one click or let them manually select coupons for each of their preferred products or services.

A great tool to fit with our store owner’s promotional strategy.


Benefit nine

Feature Rich Marketplace

The Re!LUXE LANE Marketplace offers store owners a unique niche opportunity to flip their pre-loved goodies for cash.

Through our mutual commitment to rethink and reuse luxury pre-loved fashion and homeware, we collectively path a new way of commerce. Together we are embarking on a new lane – Re!LUXE LANE.


Benefit ten

We've Got Your Back

We pride ourselves in building a close relationship with our boutique partners.

Stellar Support & Continuous Guidance is our Motto!



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